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Thanks for stopping by! This blog combines our personal and professional lives, and allows you to view a selection of our most recent work while giving you a feel for the ladies behind the camera. Here we will post our favorite images from our latest sessions, as well as stories about our families and other interesting (or not-so-interesting) things going on in our world. So grab some coffee, kick back and take a glimpse into our crazy lives!


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abey & Karie

I can't even tell you how much fun we had with this family! Karie and Abey were married just a few months ago in India! If you ask Karie she can tell you exactly how many days ago that was. They had a newlywed celebration for close friends and family here in Clermont, FL. I was a bit worried when we had turantual downpours days before the party was to take place. Thanks to all that rain I actually enjoyed the drive from Brevard County to Central FL. All the rain that was still on the ground looked like I was driving from one lake to another. Pretty relaxing. Yes, I was THAT driver that didn't realize she was actually enjoying the drive while holding up other cars who were running late, or should I say, were now going to be late....

It turned out to be a fabulous day! The party was outside on a pool deck that over looked a gorgeous lake. Abey and Karie were so relaxed. They were thoroughly enjoying each other. They actually live in Texas and decided to fly to FL. Abey noted that's why there were still so happy after arriving. If they would have driven it might had been a different story.
They were obviously in love and they beemed with joy. Congratulaions Abey & Karie. You are truly a beautiful couple!

Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Mess *blush*

Please look past our mess, as we are updating our blog. We are excited about the new changes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ariane.. The great!

We met Ariane at a bridal show a few months back. She is one talented chick! She is a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, sells Lia Sophia jewelry and is a book keeper.. Talk about busy! Not to mention she is also planning a wedding!

Jessica and I had so much fun photographing her professional pictures. Ariane was so natual in front of the camera. Photographing her seemed effortless. Her natual beauty and sweet personality really shined thru.


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